What We Do

Our reason to get out of bed every day!

We are simply about clean, nourishing food! We recognise that the body is self-healing and to maximise health & performance you need a positive diet & lifestyle.

Our ‘best day’ is that we help to inspire you to maximise your own health by continuing to offer nutritionally dense, rejuvenating foods that taste amazing.

We appreciate & respect the hard work of our many local suppliers as the source of our ingredients & commit to supporting the use of organic, free range, eco-friendly & sustainable whenever possible.

Clean Food Catering

Using Pure Kitchen to cater to your Canterbury event ensures you will enjoy a healthy & delicious fresh food experience.

Whatever the occasion we are flexible in options and open to suggestions for; morning or afternoon tea, corporate lunch, office shout, cocktail party, dinner (romantically for two or for many), birthday celebration, wedding, boxed picnic & BBQ.

With a wide variety of options on offer, contact us to discuss your needs, budget & taste. Email: kitchen@purekitchen.co.nz or phone our executive chef (03) 281 8832

Clean Cakes

We love raw cheesecakes as a healthy (relative to portion size of course!) dessert option.

Are they good for you?

Not in an ‘eat it for breakfast everyday’ kind of way but as an option to replace your high animal fat, sugar laden, digestion loading regular dessert? - YES!

Cheesecakes being raw are full of vitamins, minerals & enzymes which are health promoting. They are an alternative to the highly processed, empty calorie, sugar loaded option’s that send your blood sugar sky rocketing & leave your digestive system groaning!

Enjoy our favourite seasonal selection!


We supply café's

If you are an existing café or setting up a new one but don’t want the expense of full kitchen overheads & extra staff, then talk to us about our clean food wholesale supply options for your café.

We provide a daily delivery service to Christchurch cafe’s (see our stockists). Delivery by arrangement can be made for café’s outside the immediate Christchurch City area.

As an approved wholesale customer, you will be set up with a login to access our online ordering system. Orders received by 10am daily are delivered fresh next day Monday to Friday.